Victorian kitchen

The Victorian Kitchen is part of our bespoke kitchen range of traditional Victorian style kitchen furniture and has many of the details found on traditional kitchen furniture of the time. Hand built in this way every detail is considered to create a kitchen that fits our clients needs perfectly. This all helps to achieve kitchens that are truly inspiring, beautiful living spaces containing the finest quality furniture built to last for hundreds of years to come. Hand painted cabinetry is mixed with solid wood and natural stone worktops to create a traditional look and feel. The use of additional copper items like jelly moulds or kettles is a hallmark of traditional Victorian living as is the large range and butlers sink.

A tall ornate cornice detail and intricate mouldings add to the sense of occasion and are very much in line with traditional Victorian style kitchens. A selection of handles adds to the traditional feel or using contemporary handles can add a modern twist to this classic hand built Victorian kitchen.

A large central cook’s table/island offers plenty of workspace and incorporates a bespoke end grain chopping board for food preparation. Dovetailed drawers take care of storage and a solid wood slatted end unit provide this Victorian kitchen with a place for pot and pans.